BayPup | All about NDX Search Engines.

NDX Engines provide powerful, private web search results.

Our search technology strives to offer an alternative way to search the web. Some of the recent incarnations of this platform have been inspired by Simone Giertz and her "Useless Robots". While some of these indexes, especially Baypup, started out as experiments or dreams, they have become quite useful.


Baypup is a homepage only search engine. The search is clipped at the homepages using out "allspark" index.

Recipe Saint

A quarter million recipes from around the web.


Thirio is our "whole web search" brand. Thirio is still in ALPHA. We are currently indexing data and should go BETA sometime in 2020


Q: Is this just a wrapper for the Bing API.
A: No, I am happy to say this is NOT POWERED BY BING. This is our data on our servers with out scoring algo.